Friggin' Chicken

“Cuz that’s some good f***in chicken…I mean, friggin’ chicken!”

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the Other Side! Step into the light chicken, it will all be over soon.
Try our new Crispy Chicken Batter Bits! They’re to DIE FOR!

[stereotypical philosopher stroking beard as he holds a skull in his hand] They say you are what you eat. [turns to camera] Are you a cow? A Sheep? A head of lettuce? NO! You’re a human being, with thoughts, and feelings, and dreams! So ditch those tired old fast food restaurants and come on over to Friggin’ Chicken!

[rapid voice over] Friggin’ Chicken is a subsidiary of TransGlobal International. TGI is legally required to inform consumers that it also owns and operates MorguesR’US. These entities are legally distinct and separate, and the terms “distinct” and “separate” often imply physical separation. TGI does not endorse cannibalism. No further disclosures are legally required at this time.


Friggin' Chicken

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