Wait, you want to know about clans and politics in OFC? Moving on.

Oh, you’re still here. Fine then. The Caitiff in the city are accorded the same rights and responsibilities as any other Kindred. The difference comes in representation. The Caitiff don’t have it. There is no Caitiff primogen, no structure of clan offices or even support from out of town big shots. Hell, there is barely even any organization and that’s only because they have a strong case of Us vs Them, though They have numbers AND power on Us.

Many Caitiff are not even introduced before the Prince, as one of the best ways to become Caitiff is to not know your Sire. And those who don’t know their Sire were probably sired illegally or by accident. Some lucky few enter town with enough prestige to introduce themselves, but many simply do not have a mentor or sponsor to help introduce them, leaving them out in the cold. Because of the Prince’s law that no Childer will be sired without his approval and any that have been will be destroyed, Caitiff make a great “off-the-books” resource for an enterprising Kindred. Dangle the prospect of announcement in front of their faces and many Caitiff will dance at the opportunity.

There are a few bright spots for the Caitiff, however. Sam ‘Da Man’ openly claims domain over a pool hall in Northwest, having blown into town a few years back with rumored approval from some bigwig in Boston. While not the most active in Kindred affairs he has stubbornly held on to his own, forming a bit of a cult following among the few Caitiff in the City. There have even been a crop of “trickster tales” circulating around the Caitiff community with Sam as the title character. These “Sam Stories” have earned a bit of notoriety for the reclusive Kindred but have also caused more Kindred to take him seriously. Plus, certain vampires just love a good prank…

Talia has also made her domain open to Caitiff, who have gladly (if more than a bit warily- they’ve heard all about those terrible, terrible Assamites) come to her service. Not to mention the possibility of turning Autarkis, though roughing it in the Burbs can often be harder than making it in the City. Sabbat is also an option, though the chance of getting torn to shreds on sight (or even after some nice discussion over a cooling blond) is a bit too high for most Clanless.


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